Samsung Galaxy A6+

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The Samsung Galaxy A6+ comes with all the features of the A6 such as HD+ Super AMOLED Infinity Display, APP Pair, Dual Messenger, three-level front flash, and a hands-free unlocking mechanism. The A6+ also has added perks like a larger display screen, a Dual Rear Camera, more GB storage, and a longer battery life.

Phone Specifications: 

  • Screen Size: 6.0"
  • Memory:  3GB RAM/32 GB
  • Camera: 16.0 px
  • Software: Andriod 8.0

This product is new, is factory unlocked, includes a 1 year warranty, and will work anywhere in the world with a GSM network. The device is not contract based, which allows you to seamlessly transfer to another carrier without switching phones or tablets.

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